Focus on quality

Quality Assurance

We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified company. Our pride of quality is our customer’s satisfaction. We put up the best to reach the leadership position by strictly adhering to norms and standards of different codes applicable to project job requirements. The process of various states till the completion is monitored closely. Records and documents are maintained right from the beginning.

Quality initiatives, resulting improvement in quality and cost is a continuous process. This helps in elimination of wasteful action, right application and finally vital management. In totality, it reflects on ultimate target and becomes improvement of QCD.

We shoulder increasing qualitative responsibilities and performance, keeping with immense trust that client reposes on us. Our aim is to remain in the forefront of technology, keeping self reliance as our goal. Our relentless endeavor is to provide efficient leadership to the team, emerging with their creativity and train them to keep pace with latest technological advancement for continuous improvement, enhancing their performance and quality.

Safety Policy

Our highest priority is the safety of both men and material. By adhering to all standard safety norms, safety gadgets and training, pertaining to the nature of work under taken, a very high level of safety environment could be achieved. We believe that the scope of error in the aspect of safety is always near zero. 

Safety is envisaged, incorporated and budgeted in to the work and a Compromise under any circumstance is not tolerable.